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Brunell goes Marching Out...

all the way to New Orleans. (Do you see?  Do you see what I did there?)

The original Favre heir apparent. (Image from here.)

This news is according to the Post's Redskins Insider, which happens to be considered gospel around these parts.

The departure isn't a big surprise and I really and honestly wish him the best.  He did well in his time here and handled his ultimate demotion from starter to 3rd string with class and dignity.  I vote that he is the Official Hogs Haven favorite New Orleans Saint, but it's not like I have any pull around here.  Hopefully, I'll see him when I'm down that way in the next week and I'll send him the collective best.

And even if I don't see him, I'll drink one (or two) for him.

-  -  -

In related QB news, Trent Dilfer is no longer a 49er according to Yahoo! Sports.  I know there were conversations about Zorn wanting Dilfer, but I think that was before the team resigned Collins.  I'm hoping they stick with Hollenbach or another young, project QB as the 3rd stringer.

ESPN Roundup: Brunell agrees to two-year contract with Saints