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Meet your only FA Visitor: DJ Hackett

What a busy offseason, huh?  So busy, in fact, that the big news around the team is not a free agent signing, but a free agent merely coming for a visit.  But don't take my word for it (LeVar Burton and Dr. Seuss taught me to read):

the Official site,

Washington Times,

Hail Redskins,

Redskins Insider,

The Redskin Report, which has an awesome picture of a tumbleweed (reminds me of home) followed by the story:

DJ Hackett isn't going to know what hit him tomorrow. He's going to be swarmed with reporters like he's some kind of all-world superstar.

Game, set, match.

Anyway, without further ado... meet DJ Hackett.

After such a busy offseason, I need a nap. (Image from here.)

DJ Hackett is listed at 6'2, 208 lbs. by Yahoo! Sports, which makes him bigger than any of the WRs making any sort of contribution to the team.  (Don't mention Anthony Mix... I know he's big but the dude hasn't done anything yet.)  He's been in Seattle since being drafted in the 5th round of 2004 out of Colorado by the Seahawks.  Who know who else was in Seattle?  Oh, you're too good.  Yes, he knows the WC and he knows Zorn.  Good times.

Signing with the team could alter the Skins' draft strategy, though it's hard to say... because no one knows said strategy.  WR?  CB?  DE?  Oh my.

Anyway, the wooing begins tonight as Hackett has Dinner with Vinny.  Sounds like the latest T.V. Movie of the Week.  Talk about a rough first date... think we could get someone to tape it?  It'd be like Cheaters or Blind Date on steroids.  (And by on steroids, I am in no way implying that Hackett is doing anything illegal.  Can't be too careful these days... I might end up "misremembering" in court if I keep talking that way.)

It's been that kind of offseason.

-  -  -

I take it all back!  Hold the phones!  Stop the presses!  The team is all over the waiver wire and signed a key cog to the future success of the franchise.

That's right, Skins fans.  Ryan Boschetti is going nowhere.  ("Where you going?  Nowhere."  Disclaimer: bad language.)

The story describes Boski (the guy needs a nickname, right?  Suggestions totally accepted.) as "energetic and gung-ho" followed immediately by "at practice."  

What are we talking about?  Practice.  Not the game, not the game.  Practice.  (Yeah, I went there.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled off-season.

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