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Draft Scenarios

Last night on ESPN, they previewed the Redskins as part of their "32 Teams in 32 Days" or whatever they call it.  Todd McShay of Scouts, Inc. (I'm pretty sure that's an ESPN company by the way) predicted that the Skins take a WR early and a DE in the 2nd.  Some of you have talked along these lines, so I thought it merited a deeper conversation.

Before we go any deeper into this, bear in mind the fact that WR D.J. Hackett, late of Zorn's old team the Seahawks, is coming for a FA visit and shouldn't be too expensive, since he isn't generating a ton of interest.  Signing Hackett would probably mean that the team doesn't go WR, or at least not in the first round.

Anyway, back to McShay (for the record, I know that rhymes because I spit hot fire.)  He said Oklahoma WR Malcolm Kelly in round one, follwed up in round 2 by whoever would be available at DE (I think he mentioned USC's Lawrence Jackson, who at one point was a 1st round projection.  Funny how things change.)  Kelly is (right now at least) number 16 on the Scout's, Inc. board, right between DE's Harvey and Merling.  He also moved up Mel Kiper's board, to number 14 ahead of Campbell, Harvey, Balmer (even though Mel has Merling #8, way higher than everyone else.)  Either way, if he falls to the Redskins pick, that's pretty good value.

I like Kelly.  He's a good WR and, even more important for Skins' fans, he's quite a big WR.  NFL Draft Countdown doesn't have a breakdown of him yet, but he's ranked 3rd behind Limus Sweed and DeSean Jackson.  They have him listed at 6-3 (and 3/4) and 224 lbs, which would make for a big target.  They do, however, have a breakdown of Sweed.  Color me unimpressed.  I live in Big 12 country and watched plenty of games with these guys over the years.  I'd take Kelly over Sweed any day.  

But here's the real question.  Would you rather have Kelly and/or Sweed (take your pick) and whatever DE falls to the 2nd round


Take Merling and/or Harvey (or whatever DE you grade out to be the best first rounder) and try to get a WR in the 2nd?

That's a tough one for me.  I think I want a CB in round 2.  Maybe a Justin King or a Brandon Flowers.  BUT, maybe the Skins could go Kelly, best DE in the 2nd and then hope one of those 2nd or 3rd round talents at CB falls to their third round pick.

But then you go back to the whole Hackett thing.  Would you rather have any of the scenarios listed above, or go DE in the first and CB in the 2nd after signing Hackett?  So many options.

Anyway, here's your discussion thread.  Where do you think the team should go with the 1st and what does that mean for the rest of the draft?  I see the areas of need as DL, OL, CB, S (but I'm only drafting for depth there later on... I actually like Doughty), FB and WR.  I've heard mention of Owen Schmitt from West Virginia.  Think he'll be around in the 3rd round?

Anyway, discuss.  I'm sure we'll hit on this again (and again... and again) before the April 26th and 27th NFL Draft.