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Let the Mocking Begin

Update [2008-3-10 16:18:57 by TexSkins]: Full disclosure: the post on is from yours truly.

Mocking of drafts that is.  Don't get any ideas, you crazy kids.

For those of you who are draft geeks (myself included) and can't get enough of those mock drafts, head on over and check out the Mock Draft.

They asked bloggers from different sites to pick for their favorite teams and the Redskins pick is "on the clock" currently and should be up soon.

With the way the mock is going, I have the Skins taking DE Calais Campbell from Miami, mostly because DE Gholston and CB Talib are already off the board.  Anyone with me?

More importantly, anyone feel that WR Limus Sweed or any of the other WRs would be a better pick?  Anyone wanting a DT or Offensive Lineman in that spot?  Or maybe even a different DE than Campbell?

Check out the mock board and see what you think.