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Bloggers reaction to Jim Zorn as Head Coach: Stunned, heavily punctuated

Redskin Report wins with six question marks, which squares with our own BnG's reaction. Anyways, Lee says:

I'm not making this up guys; this is the Post's bit, but it's all over the Net right now.  I guess that's the continuity that was promised; they promoted the OC to HC... of course, the OC hadn't even met with most of his players yet.

 But at least it's not Fassel or Mooch.

MDS at Fanhouse has retro Jim Zorn footage from 1981 Seahawks camp in what appears to be Chris Cooley friendly short shorts. He says:
Sounds like a Snyder kind of guy, but I have a feeling Redskins fans won't be happy.
My initial reaction is that this is a perfect hire for Dan Snyder. Without knowing all that much about Jim Zorn, he was a quarterbacks coach at the beginning of the month and is now a head coach, and I'm sure he's very appreciative for that mega-promotion. I tend to agree with Michael that this sounds very much like a "Snyder kind of" hire.

Hog Heaven is up to the news, but I'm hollaring at commenter and blogger Steve in Tennessee for opening with what hopefully becomes a prescient catch phrase. Redskins: ZORN AGAIN! Art of Extreme Skins gets in on the action, asking: Does Jim Zorn make you Zorny?

Riggo's Rag says Whoa! among other things:

I'll reserve final judgment for now.  I want to see the press conference and hear the plan for the future.  But I'm pretty excited to tell the truth.  I can't figure out whether I'm excited because we have a new coach or because I like Zorn.  But Zorn is an interesting football mind with a great reputation.  Had he been hired a week after Gibbs retired I doubt there'd be too much complaining. As it is, we'll see if the process hurts the final product.
A little intellectual restraint never killed anyone, and I'm siding up with DW as a wait-and-see approach to HC Zorn.

Jamie asks whether this is really better than Jim Fassel, to which his brother Chris responds: Anyone is better than Fassel.

Tandler promises to have more later.

No bloggers were awarded points for going with some variation on the popular Bourne trilogy, which is obviously the first place I'd go. Will this be the Zorn Supremacy or Dan Snyder's Zorn Ultimatum? You see what I did there? I suck at this.

It's good to be coached once again.

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