Jim Zorn Hired as Washington Redskins Coach

Update [2008-2-9 19:51:21 by Skin Patrol]: I'm attaching a poll here, question: Are you happy with Jim Zorn as the new Head Coach? Make sure you justify your vote in the comments section. Update [2008-2-9 19:48:21 by Skin Patrol]: I believe the Times had it pretty early at their 360 Blog. Commenters have mixed views on Zorn. A sampling: Want to know how ***king stupid this really is? Note: I didn't add the fucking *s. Now for the positive: Jim Zorn is an outstanding choice. Where am I at? Just excited to have a head coach, and he'll get his chance to make a believer out of me. Congrats again. Update [2008-2-9 19:41:24 by Skin Patrol]: Per the Official Site: Jim Zorn, a veteran coach of 20 years and a renowned former NFL quarterback, today was named Head Coach of the Washington Redskins, succeeding Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs, who retired Jan. 8...

Zorn, who signed a five-year contract with the team, spent seven seasons as quarterbacks coach for the Seattle Seahawks under Head Coach Mike Holmgren, where they shared in playoff trips for the past five seasons and one Super Bowl appearance.

His elevation to head coach at the Redskins adds his name to Holmgren's "family tree" of quarterback coaches who moved into the head coaching ranks, joining Andy Reid (directly from quarterback coach to the Eagles head coach), Jon Gruden, Marty Morninwheg and Steve Mariucci.

Update [2008-2-9 19:38:58 by Skin Patrol]: Jim Zorn is the new head coach, diary posted by tom (our Patriots blogger -- his work can be found at Pats Pulpit) and promoted to front page. Story also at ESPN and Redskins Insider, who also notes that John Palermo is our new D-Line coach. The long search for a head coach appears to be over, though now we have to find a new offensive coordinator. So, so strange, as the final list inevitably felt like Meeks or Fassel or Mooch. Instead we get Zorn. Doug Farrar's thoughts on our offensive coordinator head coach are all the more prescient now. Huge congrats are due Jim, who went from a qb coach in Seattle to the head coach on the other coast in what must feel like record time. Start posting your thoughts on who we should pursue for the OC job. By JOSEPH WHITE
Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Washington Redskins hired Jim Zorn as their coach Saturday night, a surprise ending to a monthlong search for a replacement for Joe Gibbs, The Associated Press has learned.

Zorn will be introduced at a news conference at 3 p.m. Sunday, according to a person who was informed of the Redskins' decision. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because a formal announcement had not been made.

Zorn, a former Seattle quarterback, has been the Seahawks' quarterbacks coach for the last seven years. The Redskins hired him to be their offensive coordinator on Jan. 26 while continuing their search for a head coach.