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Russ Grimm needs an interview

Bucktown Skins Fan and Curly R both found this brilliant video before I did, that would be funnier (and it is hysterical) if it weren't so tragically true:

Rae Carruth? His prison cell has blue tooth? That's just good writing...

The video also mentions Russ Grimm (there really isn't anyone they don't mention) whom Ben made a compelling case for in January. And yet, for all the obvious reasons that Grimm should've been interviewed by now, he wasn't. Ben, and me, find that frustrating:

Russ Grimm is qualified for this job. The great Bill Cowher, the man that seems to be Dan Snyder's white whale this year saw fit to hire Russ seven years ago and then made Russ the assistant head coach. Russ now has 15 years of coaching as an assistant and Russ was thought to be Bill Cowher's preferred candidate for the Steelers job and how lucky did Ken Whisenhunt feel when Russ got passed over and was available. Like the Redskins in 2002 with Marvin Lewis Cardinals fans know Russ will be gone sooner rather than later. I wonder which shit disturbing Cardinals blog is already advocating for the firing of Ken and the promotion of Russ.

To those that somehow poo poo Russ because he has never been a coordinator or a playcaller, or that somehow his past as an offensive lineman somehow makes him a grunt, unable to coach a team, that's just bullshit. The head coaching position is the top of the food chain, it would be Russ' job to set the tone and the coordinators' jobs to run the show. And as an offensive line guy you can bet the team will always consider that a basic principle of winning.

And then he goes right for my heart string with the concept I'm an admitted cheerleader for:
Russ Grimm embodies as much or more continuity when it comes to Redskins football as simply retaining the remnants of Joe Gibbs II. In a literal sense many of the coaches could be retained, up to and including the coordinators. Joe Bugel, Don Breaux, Jack Burns, all the Space Cowboys would be here to see the game turned over in a season or two to the next generation of Redskins heritage coaches.
Ben convinced me that Grimm should have at least gotten to talk to Dan Snyder about the job. Finally, thankfully, hurray, perhaps he did get that opportunity. Per Covering the Redskins:
I think Russ Grimm has a legitimate shot at the head coaching position of the Washington Redskins, not necessarily because I know that he has interviewed for the position (I don't) but because logically it makes sense and there is one little thing that's been eating at me all week..

Dan Snyder spoke to Russ Grimm last week at the Super Bowl.. This I know to be true....

I think Meeks, Mooch and Fassel would be in place if they were the team's obvious choice to succeed Gibbs.. Now that the Super Bowl dust has settled, what's obvious is the Skins don't have an obvious successor in place.. Their apprehention to hire someone says everything about the field of public candidates remaining.. Does this team need Russ to save face? Probably... If Russ can take the system as set up (can't pick his coordinators, can't pick his players, little to no personnel power) then I think the job is his.. And the Skins need him now more then ever..

That's just one man's opinion though it is news to me that Dan at least has communicated with Russ Grimm and that's step one in the right direction. I can't figure out why Russ hasn't had a legitimate shot at the head coaching job yet.

Also, how can we not have any Hogs in the damn Hall of Fame? The most famous offensive line in the game's history can't get one single guy into the HoF? Robble robble robble...

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