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An Owner Scorned

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Update [2008-2-7 18:30:56 by TexSkins]: I just saw this from ProFootballTalk , which about summarizes the Redskins search for a coach: "Well, they flirted. And maybe they kissed. But they didn't get married."

Back to ye ol drawing board.

Also, check out other comments on this. Redskins Insider. The Redskin Report. Hog Heaven. etc.

Dan Dan the Coachless Man's quest for the Holy Coach goes on.

Chillaxing, waiting on someone to say yes. (Image from here.) reports that Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has decided to stay with the Giants.  Oh, and he gets a big pay raise to boot.  He will become the highest paid DC, a title that was as recently as a few weeks ago reserved for Gregg Williams.

The article is quick to point out that Spags was not offered the job, but decided to stay with his current team, much in the way that Jim Mora did earlier in the coaching search process.  Seems like that was months ago, doesn't it?

So, as others have mentioned, it might seem to be down to Mooch, Fassel, and Meeks.

USA Today weighs in.  They site an "anonymous source" (what source these days isn't anonymous?) as stating "the New York Giants defensive coordinator and the Redskins agreed he is probably a year or two away from being prepared to become a head coach."  I'm glad they could agree on something after 16 hours of talking.  No one's going to get an unsatisfactory on their report card for "plays well with others" this go round.

I'm taking my ball and going home. (Image from here.)

I can't say I blame Spags for his decision.  He has a good thing going with NY, he has the perfect players for his system, and he has an owner that knows enough about football to leave the footballing to football guys.

So, my question to you... who is the next "surprise" interviewee next up on Dan Dan the Interviewing Man's list?  Or, is he content with Fassel, Meeks and/or Mooch?