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Football Season is Over...

and a big congrats goes out to the Giants and fellow bloggers over at Big Blue View.  Their win over the Pats last night further proves that the NFC East really is the best division in football.

Peyton ain't got shit on me! (Image from here.)

That being said, I think the Giants have the Redskins to thank for their Super Bowl.  Bear with me on this: the Giants started 0-2.  They were down 17-3 at half on the road.  They had given up 97 points in 10 quarters.  New Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was on the verge of losing his unit, which in turn would have cost Head Coach Tom Coughlin the team.

So what happens?  The Redskins score exactly 0 points in the second half (including a First and Goal from the 1), Eli Manning begins his maturation process in leading the Giants to 21 second half points, the Giants win 24-17, go on a 6 game win streak, get hot just before the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

I'm not saying... I'm just saying.  

- - -

In other news, new Super Bowl champion Steve Spagnuolo is going to get an interview on Tuesday.  The article states that McDaniels is out but Spag, Fassel, Meeks and the Mooch are all in the running.  Quite a list.

I think, though I (like everyone else) have no idea, that it is Meeks' job to lose.  That being said, if Spag interviews well, given his recent success, he'd have to be considered a front runner.

That's it for now.  Be happy for New York.