What are the odds...

That Danny tries to make a run at Chad Johnson?

If you haven't heard, Johnson's been trying desperately to get traded from Cincinnati. I was reading ESPN this morning and it just popped into my head -- Dan's gotta be salivating over the thought of having Chad Johnson.

I'm just wondering if the loss of Joe Gibbs means we'll go back to the free-spending recklessness of a few years ago. I have no idea why we have done everything we have this offseason and and so angry about Williams and Saunders that much of my faith in Snyder from the last couple of years has been undermined.

If the Redskins are able to swing a deal for Chad, I'd love to see us try. But Randy Moss and Terrell Owens were traded for 4th-round picks... and I have a feeling Chad Johnson wouldn't be available for that cost.

Last (and much more relevant question) -- who is going to be the coach? I think Steve Spag will get a good look after the Super Bowl. But I think if we wanted an ex-Def. Coordinator with experience in the division and Super Bowl experience, I think we would have gone with Gregg Williams. I think this is a Fassel or Meeks team folks. Meeks is a total unknown to me, and Fassel is also a wildcard. He is like Wade Phillips or Norv Turner -- no one thought he would come back to being Head Coach. But they both succeeded this year... who knows anymore. My guess, though, is Fassel or Meeks.