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Zorn and Greg Blache on our offense

Per a Yahoo! Sports Redskins team report:

"This whole game, I believe, is about rhythm," Zorn said. "I don't think it's about hanging onto the ball until you see a guy already open and then (say robotically), `He is open. I think I should throw him the ball.' Because in this game, you're going to get knocked down. You're going to get the ball knocked out of your hand."...

"We have speed," Zorn said. "Santana, I'm just hoping he's ready to go deep, to break routes off and catch a lot of footballs. He's a tremendous talent. ... In this particular offense, you've got to have a great inside receiver. Antwaan (tapping his head like a no-brainer), I'm just hoping that he really excels. You've got to have a great tight end to be able to become balanced. (Tight end) Chris Cooley is in the Pro Bowl."...

"If you have a running back that can come out of the backfield, he has to be able to get himself open," Zorn said. "The quarterback has to be able to look downfield and throw the ball to the running back, not sitting there waiting. If you have all those elements in place, it's very tough defensively."

The one goes with the other, as you can't very well release the ball quickly to a receiver down the field if that guy hasn't made distance in a hurry. Santana Moss makes distances in hurries. Prior to his joining the Redskins, the only thing I remembered from Moss was hearing way back in 2001 that he was the fastest player at the combine. And, minding the source, it's alleged he was the 8th fastest combine player from '99-'07. (ESPN says his 4.31 40 time was fifth fastest since 2000.) I've said it over and over again, but his biggest strength isn't even his speed. No one I've seen can adjust to a ball while it is mid-air better than Santana Moss. His body control is incredible, observe:

"Santana Moss, oh my." He attacked that ball. There simply aren't a lot of players in the NFL who can do that and yet, for whatever reason, we haven't been able to get Moss as involved in the offense as he was in '05. Then: 1,483 yards, 17.7 YPC, 9 touchdowns. Since: 1598 yards, 13.7 YPC, 9 touchdowns. Todd Yoder knows what time it is:

"Maybe a change of pace will be good. Maybe we can better utilize some of our personnel. Some of our guys may fit this offense better. Maybe we can get the ball in Santana's hands and Antwaan's more often and let them use their skills after the catch."--Tight end Todd Yoder, who played in the West Coast scheme with Tampa Bay...
You won't ever see me write less Santana Moss. Get him the damn ball every play, as far as I'm concerned. Anyways, D-Coordinator Greg Blache on the offense:
New defensive coordinator Greg Blache agreed that Zorn's offense could make for long days for opposing defenses.

"The ball comes out quick," Blache said. "The quarterback takes five steps and the ball's coming out. It's really a tough offense (to defend) and then you add the dimension of the running game. I see it being a very successful offense."

That will all depend on how quickly the team can get on the same page with new head coach Jim Zorn, though I remain cautiously optimistic. The talent is there: we'll return all our starters on offense, including two key guys on the offensive line. Randy Thomas will hopefully have more than 3 starts this year, Jansen more than one. In spite of those injuries, and some real question marks playing behind those guys (Stephon Heyer turned out to be a pleasent surprise though I felt Todd Wade disappointed) we had above average pass protection and an at least competitive run blocking unit. If Thomas and Jansen remain health(ier) both will improve.