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Jason Campbell will be treated like a starter

Per this very fascinating ESPN article (hat tip: dr WNC) that is mostly praising new head coach Jim Zorn:

"I don't want Jason Campbell to feel like, 'Oh my gosh, if I make one mistake, I'm going to be pulled,''' Zorn said during the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. "That's not the way to go into this. That's not the way to go into any camp and it's not the way to go into any football season.''
Which is precisely how starters should be treated. Campbell cannot go out this year operating like Patrick Ramsey, thinking that the starting position he earned will be ripped from underneath him at any moment. In any event, the threat of job loss isn't credible if we lose Todd Collins. Elsewhere:
Hiring Zorn, who last worked as quarterbacks coach for the Seattle Seahawks, might give the impression that Snyder was looking for a puppet. Snyder's been accused of being a fantasy football player in the past, known for doing what he wants at the expense of his coaches and the team's long-term salary cap. That's led to tension and not much success.
Pat Yasinskas questions that conclusion, which happens to be one that I reached after we hired Zorn. But much of what has happened since, specifically with his hiring of old pals at offensive coordinator and running backs coach, tends to suggest that he isn't merely a puppet but instead a guy willing to assert himself. Who knows?

The biggest admission in the article, though, feels almost like no one noticed what was just said. In this quote, emphasis added, Vinny Cerrato makes an extremely telling statement about how this team treats coaches Here is a quote from the article that doesn't really say anything besides Vinny and Dan's high opinion of Zorn:

"When we got done with the interview, Dan and I looked at each other and said, 'You know what? We'll probably have him for one year and, then, he'll be a head coach,''' Cerrato said. "After we would interview everybody, Dan and I would have these conversations afterwards and we would say, 'Jim was better than that' or 'We liked Jim compared to that.'''
Update [2008-2-28 16:19:25 by Skin Patrol]: As Caradoc, dr WNC, and Lee Gibbons have suggested, a more careful reading of what was said informs that Vinny and Dan were simply reflecting on the fact that Zorn was going to win a head coaching job elsewhere. Having re-read it through a few times, I agree that such an interpretation makes more sense. My fault, I guess. The incorrect rant remains below, but with shamed strike marks to indicate how "wow" "idiot" I am. Cheers.
The article doesn't pause for a moment to consider the ramifications of that statement, though it does note earlier that "Snyder has had a hand in everything" including our apparent proclivity for abandoning coaches. And yet mere paragraphs later you have an admission by Vinny Cerrato that the owner of this team and him basically admitted to one another that this team would be hiring a coach for one year. Now that can be read in two ways, one of them fairly innocuous; it could be just Vinny saying that Jim Zorn was such a super awesome candidate. Taken further, however, and it doesn't seem so harmless. He was so super awesome in the interview that whomever they brought in to coach the team wouldn't last a year with the better candidate on the staff? Is that how management should be operating? This guy is just so good that we're going to replace him next year with whatever place holder we hire anyways, yea? The premise here being that Dan and Vinny ostensibly weren't planning to contract out for merely one year of head coaching work from someone else and that Jim Zorn being elevated would necessarily include someone else -- Fassel, Mariucci, Spagnuolo, whomever -- getting fired.

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but what an odd thing to say minutes after interviewing for your offensive coordinator? I think that's just a skosh too soon in the process to begin contemplating your next coach firing, though we're cool like that in Washington.