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Gus Frerotte is Fr'Real

I'm not that clever. Taken from Yardbarker, though I think I saw it first at Mister Irrelevant, where either Chris or Jamie or both the brothers blog have a perfectly healthy and endearing semi-obsession for the great Gus. This t-shirt slams:

Fr' serious

Want to know what else Gus Frerotte was? A Washington Redskins Pro Bowl quarterback. So maybe he's more famous for injuring himself during a celebratory head butt -- which earned him a top 5 spot on ESPN's prestigious Top 10 Jackass Moments -- but for some time Gus was a legit Redskins qb on the up-and-up. He never recovered from his entertaining fight with the wall and has spent the remainder of his career outside of Washington going from city to city with little effect. The latest indignity is that he can't even make it in St. Louis. Per Redskins 360:

Old pal Gus Frerotte has said that St. Louis coach Scott Linehan told him that he's going to be cut. That leaves the door wide open for erstwhile Redskins quarterback Todd Collins to sign with the Rams as a backup to Marc Bulger and rejoin Al Saunders, his mentor the past seven years.
But can their loss be our loss and thus our gain? Addition by subtraction by subtraction?
If Collins leaves as a free agent, the 36-year-old Frerotte could resurface with the Redskins, for whom he began his career from 1994-98.
I didn't say it, but I'll support this move in the contingency that Collins walks. I would do so if only to keep the head butt story alive ad infinitum, but also because Gus would come on the cheap, and he's a decent veteran quarterback with (as a commenter at Redskins 360 notes) experience in a west coast offense -- with mixed results perhaps -- that could come in as a virtual additional coach. And, David Elfin notes:
Guess who Gus Frerotte's position coach was in 1999 in Detroit, his first year after leaving the Redskins? ... Wait for it. ... None other than Jim Zorn.
All that said, I'd rather keep Todd Collins. His performance to close the '07 season was legendary which is why it will be so difficult to secure his services for the upcoming season. But I'm warming up to Gus, Fr' really.