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DeAngelo Hall to Redskins?

Per Mark Maske:

The Washington Redskins are among the teams being linked to cornerback DeAngelo Hall in a potential trade with the Atlanta Falcons, but an NFL source said Saturday it is unlikely the Redskins will be involved in such a deal.

The Redskins consider a trade for Hall too costly both in terms of what they would have to surrender to get him and what they would have to pay Hall, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because no trade discussions involving Hall have been acknowledged publicly.

The Falcons reportedly are seeking a first-round draft choice for Hall, who is attending the scouting combine and said here in recent days that he doesn't think he will be back in Atlanta next season. The New York Giants reportedly are willing to surrender their first-round pick for Hall. Both Giants General Manager Jerry Reese and Falcons Coach Mike Smith declined to comment Saturday.

Such a move would not square with what Vinny Cerrato told Mark Maske (per Redskins Insider):
"Our cap situation is okay. I just think there's a limited number of guys in free agency. The price of what guys are going to be paid is astronomical. I don't foresee us being a big player. It'll be a shock to some, but I don't see us being a big player in free agency. I don't think Dan's plane will be getting fired up and ready to go. I just think it'll be a quiet start to free agency for us."
The rumor was also picked up by guy with serious last name at Fanhouse who pointed out, what feels like the eleventy millionth time, the dreaded Hall=overrated claim. Incomplete list of people who feel the same way: Roy Williams, a reader at Falcoholic who would know more than me, Aaron Schatz kind of sort of, and every single message board user ever, apparently. For serious just go search DeAngelo Hall Overrated on yahoo or google and you'll have no trouble finding every single team's internet warrior partisans criticizing him as an overrated cornerback.

I don't have any idea if he's overrated. Honesty demands I admit no special knowledge on NFL defensive backs. Even equipped with that knowledge, I haven't the film or memory available to recall how Hall played. Maybe he's overrated, but I wouldn't know anything about that. I do know, howeva!, that a first round pick is a valuable thing in the National Football League, and if that's what the Falcons are seeking I imagine that's what they feel entitled to. As to what DeAngelo Hall feels entitled to, he's a 24 year old multiple pro bowl cornerback existing in an ever increasing financial arena that pays handsomely to allegedly good defensive backs. He will demand and receive a new contract to be a Redskin. My criticism with such a move needs not have anything to do with how accurately rated Hall is, but rather with the amount of money and draft picks he'll cost. Also at Big Blue View.

In a semi-related piece, Ryan Wilson at Fanhouse ain't buying the Cerrato claim that this will be a quiet offseason. He quotes the Denver Post claiming the Redskins are interested in Javon Walker and reminds:

Given that Washington gave up Champ Bailey and a second-round pick for Clinton Portis, I'm guessing Denver is eager to work with the 'Skins again. And for Cerrato's claim that things will be slow in free agency for the team, well, it's all relative.
Didn't we give up two draft picks for TJ Duckett to Atlanta? You think they're also eager beavers to pick up a phone call from Washington?

Doesn't it trouble anyone else that Your Washington Redskins are apparently the easy mark in the NFL? Mr. Snyder, you have the Falcons on line one, they say you've won the EURO MILLION SPAINSH LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL and all you have to do... [That's from an actual email I received and, I must say, that this con-artist's intuition is better than that of actual language. If Spanish is spoken in Spain, shouldn't they be Spainish speakers as they were in Middle English, apparently? Or even Spainsh speakers?]