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Sean Taylor still visits Children's Hospital

Artist Jason Swain recently produced a large Sean Taylor oil painting that is, I'm told, currently hanging up at the Children's Hospital (ostensibly the one in DC). Per Jason:

I just wanted to pass on some info about a portrait I had painted of Sean Taylor a couple of months back. The painting is a 6ft by 5 ft canvas showing a collection of 7 different images of Sean from his Miami days to the Pro Bowl and all three different Redskins uniforms. The painting was unveiled at the atrium of Childrens hospital on Jan24th and will remain there till March 21st. The painting is up for sale and a percentage of the sale goes to Childrens hospital. There will be some limited edition prints coming up on smaller canvasses and I want to tie these into Seans foundation in some way so I will let everyone know.
Below you'll find a video of the different stages of the painting. As you well know, I'm a big sucker for charitable givings and as Jason pointed out, a portion of the proceeds go towards the Children's Hospital.

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