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Redskins approaching compliance with salary cap

Though Jason La Canfora at Redskins Insider says we're effectively there. He checks in with a big post on an otherwise quiet week, so head over there and read up. How did we get to below the cap?

The Redskins have restructured tackle Jon Jansen's contract, converting base salary to bonuses and saving about $3.1 million against the cap, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The team is now about $4 million over the cap but with the contracts of Mark Brunell and Rock Cartwright voiding next week, they are essentially in compliance. The team can still re-do as many as six other contracts if necessary. Expect meetings with the agents of several players to happen at the combine, including the agent for cornerback Shawn Springs.
I've already had my rant on restructures and won't bore you with them again. They are a necessary evil in a year where we were grossly over the cap to begin with, though paint me pleased we're now within normal limits again. Until next year. When we'll have to restructure... again.

Jon Jansen is an unusually tenured Redskin in an era that rejects long standing ties between players and teams. He was drafted in 1999 and has started an incredible 112 games in that span, including ever regular season game from '99-'03. Although he's played a full season as recently as '05, the injury bug has not been kind, limiting him to zero and one game in '04 and last year respectively. 2004 was an achilles injury that required surgery, last season he broke his ankle. I think he's a phenomenal o-lineman and believe our pass protection depends in large part on him returning healthy in '08.