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Still no formal talks between Redskins and DC Mayor

Last month Deuce of Davenport said:

Adrian Fenty said on Wednesday that he is going to present a proposal to Redskins owner Dan Snyder for a possible a 100,000-seat domed stadium that also could be used for Super Bowls and other major events. DC's Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi has gotten involved and will do a financial analysis of the impact that building this stadium and the return of the Redskins to town will have on the city.
I was hopeful of the proposition, not because I'm a DC area resident, but because I want the largest stadium in the NFL as a matter of bragging rights. Ben made the compelling case why this should happen way back last October, and I'm on board with him. (Even if he did expose me as an NFL fraud.) Unfortunately, it hasn't moved anywhere yet, per the Georgetown Voice:
Once the decrepit RFK Stadium is vacant, Fenty might look to build a new stadium in its place, in hopes of luring the Washington Redskins back into the city. The Redskins originally played at RFK before moving to the brand-new FedEx Field--the largest stadium in the National Football League--in Landover, Maryland, in 1997. However, Fenty spokesperson Dana Iverson said that as of yet there have been no formal discussions between the Mayor and the Redskins.
Fingers still crossed.