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What about Andre Caldwell?

I definitely think it is a stretch to take a WR in the first round and remain committed to that position even through the 2nd round (I simply feel that there is better value at that position to be had by waiting) but ran across a familiar name looking for later-than-first round wide receivers who happened to be over 6 feet tall. Andre Caldwell:

45. Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida, 6-1, 207, 4.41, 2: The younger brother of Washington Redskins receiver Reche Caldwell, Andre has quick feet and straight-line speed. He may be close to his potential already after improving each year in one of college football's most pass-happy offenses. Injuries have been a recurring issue.
Forty fifth projects as a 2nd rounder, which is where NFL Draft Scout places him. Mocking The Draft has him at 99th though back in December he was the fifth best WR per that site.

For reader(s) who think a WR is just what the team needs, any thoughts on Andre Caldwell? I thought we've had an unusual amount of success with his older brother, though that may mean very little.