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Did you know? A "Packer" is an axe wielding maniac. A "Brown" is a goblin.

Don't say I never taught you anything.

While Mr. Irrelevant no doubt owns the vintage commercial market, also found at The Bog and Fanhouse, my wayback machine works even better. First enjoy the Oscar worthy acting performance of Art Monk, Gary Clark, and Darrell Green (is he in the locker or isn't he? I'm riveted!)

There is nothing preempting another meeting of minds such as the one above in the 21st century. Gary Clark, D. Green, and The Monk are all alive and well and should they awake tomorrow with the urge to shill for Pizza Hut, you'd be talking yourself into a delicious anchove pizza at this moment.

Hogs Haven is a champion for those that can't defend themselves, though, and those three behemoths of football need no blog to defend their right to sell products. I support the little guy, the honest, small business tobacco conglomerate who, per the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act, haven't been allowed to legally advertise their wears on the talking picture box since 1971. Apparently cigarettes are "bad" for you.

Please enjoy this educational video circa 1958 (VINTAGE!!!) which informs, among other things, that the Green Bay Packers are represented by a lunatic with an axe and the Cleveland Browns are represented by a flexing goblin. Also, the phrase "you get better makin's" doesn't "makin's" much damn sense. You get better makin is with marlboro?

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