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Jim Fassel: Vinny Cerrato is a bungling interferer

First he blames "bloggers" (who doesn't?) and now it's Vinny Cerrato. Jim Fassel is apparently (not really but kind of) on record as saying that the reason he isn't in town was because of bugling interferer (someone else's words) Vinny Cerrato. Quote below requires caveat that this is a case of he said he said and then he said. First we have WTOP News, whoever that is, quoting John Ryan, whoever that is, of the San Jose Mercury News, whatever that is, paraphrasing Jim Fassel. I'd track down the San Jose Mecrury News article but it's easier to simply rely on WTOP News. Here goes:

Buried in last Tuesday's San Jose Mercury News was a zinger aimed at the Redskins Vinny Cerrato

In the Morning Buzz column by John Ryan, Jim Fassel's surprise at the hiring of Jim Zorn the Redskins was pointed out.

And Ryan noted:

"This will come as no surprise to 49ers fans ... Fassel said one factor in the change of heart (by the Redskins) was the bungling interference of Vinny Cerrato."

Ouch. It sounds like Cerrato is remembered in the San Francisco bay area for his work with the 49ers, but not fondly remembered.

He wasn't fondly remembered by Marty Schottenheimer, either, who fired him prior to his firing from San Fransisco. Vinny Cerrato's shit list continues to grow and, yet, he somehow fails upwards (real zinger complement Ryan Wilson at the Fanhouse). Whatever else fans want to say about Vinny, he certainly is tenacious. And at least on the employment scoreboard, it goes:

Bungling Interferer 1, Jim Fassel 0.