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The Redskins Have a Complete Coaching Staff

... finally.  Hat tip to loyal reader dr WNC and as always, J La and Redskins Insider has it first.  Also, it is official.  So... meet your new offensive coordinator:

The final piece of the coaching puzzle. (Image from here.)

Black and white photos are always better.

Anyway, it took Smith a few days to decide to accept the job.  He had been with the Titans (and head coach Jeff Fisher) since 1995.  That's a long time in today's NFL.  He was finally convinced after talking with Redskins Head Coach (and his former teammate) Jim Zorn.  If nothing else, this hire proves that Zorn is persuasive and, like Snyder, "always gets his man" or something.

Anyway, back to Smith.  The Redskins don't have a coaching profile up yet, but luckily the Titans haven't taken theirs down yet.  The highlights: After playing RB from 1976 to 1984 in the NFL with the Seahawks and Chargers, Smith coached at all levels, beginning in 1985 at Redmond (VA) high school.  He has been a running backs coach at 3 different places, including his first 10 years in Tennessee.  (Some history: Eddie George got there in 1996.)  Anyway, it is a pretty extensive bio and I'm not going to steal all of it, so go read up.  The bottom line: the man knows a thing or two about running the ball.

So, the first staff under Zorn looks as follows (also, go look at the Official site's list):

Greg Blache at D.C. after being the D Line coach here.
Sherman Smith at O.C.
Joe Bugel at "Assistant Head Coach - Offense" which I take to mean Offensive Line.
Stump Mitchell at "Assistant Head Coach - Running Backs" with the added title presumably to be so that he didn't make a "lateral move" (which they could block) from SEA.
Rennie Simmons - TEs
Stan Hixon - WRs
John Palermo - DL
Kurt Olivadotti - LBs
Jerry Grey - Secondary / CBs
Danny Smith - Special Teams
Steve Jackson - Passing Game Coordinator (whatever that means) / Safeties
Don Breaux - listed as a part of the staff with no title (or, titles) next to his name.  I think he'll end up being in some sort of "consultant" or "special assignment" role... but I could be wrong.

Oh, and we can't forget Chris Meidt as the Skins' resident "stats nerd" (although, its officially called Offensive Assistant.)

There are other assistants and strength and conditioning guys that I didn't list, but they're in place.

So, what I take from the staff is that there will be an emphasis on running the ball and on developing the lines.  Sounds like Redskins football to me.  Buges and Blache stay, which will help the line play.  The addition of Palermo (a college defensive line coach in every sense of the word) should signal the intention to get younger there.

Also, Buges, Breaux (for now), Rennie Simmons, and most of the defensive staff were carried over from the last Gibbs staff.  There actually is some continuity despite the fact thta bloggers (such as myself) have been scoffing at the notion as the offseason progressed.  yes, there is a mostly new offensive staff with a new scheme, but Buges is still one of the top guys on that side of the ball.  I think the transition should be more smooth (and much, much easier) than I first imagined.

Anyway, there is your Redskins staff.  Likes, dislikes, comments?

Oh, and JustinU804 will be happy once I get around to the draft post(s) now that the staff is complete.