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Carlos Rogers will miss start of season, Rocky McIntosh will not

Hat tip to PFT. Per the Washington Times, bad news first:

Cornerback Carlos Rogers likely won't be healthy for the start of the season...

Director of sports medicine Bubba Tyer said yesterday Rogers, who suffered an injury in the Oct. 28 loss to the New England Patriots, won't return until September or October.

Meaning if we ditch Shawn Springs this offseason, it will be Fred Smoot all alone out there defending against the NFL's bests with little help. That's not an attack on Leigh Torrence or David Macklin or John Eubanks, but suffice to say I don't know if I want any of them starting games at cornerback over long stretches of the season. Magic beans solution is blog favorite Byron Westbrook, who will catapult onto the scene in a Batman outfit and immediately play at a Pro Bowl level.

Some aspects of this remind of a perfect storm that was 2006, where Adam Archuleta and a lack of reliable starting cornerbacks dramatically affected play calling and ultimately produced one of the worst defenses in the NFL. We've improved by losing Archuleta and gaining Smoot and LaRon Landry, but we've lost Sean Taylor and now, seemingly, Carlos Rogers (at least for a minute) and perhaps Shawn Springs. His future remains in doubt, though it shouldn't anymore! Make sure he is here or we will suffer the consequences. The article admits as much, pointing out that Rogers' extended injury could very well mean an extension of Springs' time in D.C.

And the good news:

[B]ut linebacker Rocky McIntosh will [be ready for the beginning of the season]...

McIntosh, who was injured in the Dec. 16 victory over the New York Giants, is expected back in July. These updates were contrary to what had been reported since the players were hurt...

...McIntosh's earlier return makes the signing of free agent linebacker Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears less likely.

McIntosh had a phenomenal year. In thirteen starts he amassed 87 tackles (3rd on team, 2nd in solos) with three sacks, five passes defensed and, per here at least, 3 fumbles (forced, recovered, I don't know). The main concern on McIntosh was articulated by the Post earlier this week:
...third-year linebacker Rocky McIntosh is coming off reconstructive knee surgery and, though making progress, remains a question mark. McIntosh also has a potential degenerative condition in both knees.
The question mark is abated if only slightly. I'm not a doctor, but a speedy recovery time from knee surgery doesn't lend itself to lingering degenerative knee problems. Then again, I shudder merely at the suggestion that McIntosh has a degenerative injury since that would obviously cut short his thus-far potential laden career.