Zorn will have his team

There's been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of Jim Zorn's finding himself a "lame duck" coach because of the framework already put in place beneath him during the HC hunt.  
If you haven't already heard, Sherman Smith of the Titans (assistant head coach-offense) has been interviewing for the position of offensive coordinator (recently vacated by Jim Zorn), and Stump Mitchell is interviewing for the position of running backs coach (currently held by Ernest Byner).  Let's never underestimate Dan's proclivity for wasting money or for making big capricious personnel moves.  If he trusts Jim Zorn, and I think he must, Zorn will get whomever he wants wherever he wants them.
Lame duck coaching doesn't happen when an owner is willing and able to pay the contracts of two coaches (replacement and replaced) to do one job.