Well, here we go (Chad Johnson to Redskins? open thread)

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] mmford's diary promoted. Use this space to discuss your thoughts on whether Chad Johnson and/or Lance Briggs should be wearing the maroon and black and yellow burgundy and gold next season. Additionally, definitely take the time to read the entire Washington Post article below, as it is packed with info on large changes across the team. Stay tuned, I'm busy today but will get something written up about it tomorrow. According to Jason La Canfora, the Skins are looking at trading for Chad Johnson. 102877&sub=AR

And we're looking at Lance Briggs again.

I have to say, the Chad Johnson move is awesome. I think he would do absolute wonders for our offense and give Jason a much higher and faster learning curve, not to mention one of the best WR corps in the NFL. Imagine -- Chad, Santana, Randle El, Cooley, and hopefully Caldwell? That is a ridiculous set of passing options (not to mention Portis and Betts, and everyone's favorite Redskin Todd "Use The Force" Yoder). I think that will give Jason Campbell a lot of freedom, and Jim Zorn is all about spreading the offense around. I think that would work out beautifully.

As far as Briggs, I don't know how I feel. Rocky Mac is gonna be sidelined for at least part of the year, but I think we're ok with HB Blades. Briggs is ultimately gonna cost a lot of money, and not for a lot of value seeing as we will continue to run a 4-3... We have our OLB of the future in Rocky, who is great. Marcus is aging, and has been hurt a lot, but I don't know if forking over huge money to a free agent is worth it.

So what do you guys think? Burn what looks like a first and third for Chad Johnson? Fork over a huge amt. for Lance Briggs?

I think if we do get Chad, that's our move for the offseason... but who knows. I'm a little nervous, because these kinds of moves have never worked out in Washington. But, Chad Johnson is a WR in his prime and despite all his distractions hasn't ever quit on his team like Moss or TO, and we're going to at least be a winning team or close to a winning team next year unless Zorn is really terrible.

I also think he would be a great compliment to Santana Moss, because of their differing styles. They are both super fast, which would give Cooley a lot of room underneath. Moss could be used on those huge deep balls more because he wouldn't be double covered as often. I think it would be a great move... What do you guys think?