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Let's play a little game I like to call...

"What if?"  I know this sounds lame, but bear with me for a while.  If at the end of this post you still can't go with it, feel free to let me have it.  Hell, Skin Patrol's mother let me have it just the other night.  (Zing!)  We're off and running:

So, as we started, What if Jim Zorn was actually the best candidate interviewed by Vinny and Dan Dan the Interviewing Man?

And what if, putting any and all criticisms of said Front Office All Stars aside (for now), they actually were trying to find the right guy over the course of the weeks they spent searching?

What if Jim Fassel was nothing but a washed up media liability?

And what if Mooch was just putting on a show behind the scenes as leverage for the NFL Network?  (His contract is coming up soon, yeah?)

What if he interviewed poorly and had nothing new to add to the table that Zorn didn't already bring to said table?

And what if Spags really is a few years away from being NFL-head-coach ready?

And what if Meeks wasn't ready himself?  Or what if what Zorn/new offensive coordinator/Blanche bring is better than what Meeks/whatever offensive/defensive coordinators he chose could offer?

And what if Jim Mora really just does like the Pacific Northwest that much.  Hell, he got fired in Atlanta for it (basically.)

And what if the fact that almost everyone that interviewed happened to mention Jim Zorn is a sign?

And what if he takes the other side of the Jason Garrett argument, that is to say let the guy who you really want in a few years from now learn on the fly, make his own mistakes, and grow up as a head coach?

And what if he really is the next big thing?

Carrying on that last one, what if he is the next big thing and we hire him as OC for a year or two before someone else catches on and he goes on to be the next big thing elsewhere?  How much would you (myself included) let the Front Office All Stars have it?

And what if Holmgren really is the strongest branch of the Walsh tree and Marinelli was just an aberation?  (Look at Reid, Mooch, and Childress has a good thing going in MIN.)

I mean, what if Zorn really is the right coach at the right time with the right system and right set of leadership skills for this team?

What if everything that is seen as a negative about him turns out wrong and what if he actually lives up to the hype?

I mean... what if the ownership actually got one right and we can't recognize it because it seems like all the wrong things at this ever-so early stage?

What if, in a few years, you had to apologize for the criticism of Dan Dan the I Told You So Man?

What then?