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Chris Cooley shines at the Sean Taylor Pro Bowl

Final stat line was 3 catches for 41 yards and a touchdown. Per the Post:

Owens' first touchdown and one by the Washington Redskins' tight end Chris Cooley from a Hasselbeck pass helped the NFC cut the margin to 27-21 at halftime.
Interesting coincidence that Cooley was taking passes from the guy his now head coach mentored. If Jim Zorn can enable Matt Hasselbeck to pass touchdowns to Chris Cooley, I have every confidence he can do so with others as well. Cooley will not be stopped. (By the way, for a very entertaining article on the perhaps changing nature of the NFL tight end, please head over here at Mile High Report. I enjoyed the post, you may as well.)

The AFC was held to one sack by Vanden Bosch, and without having watched every single snap of the game I can only probabilistically claim that Chris  Samuels wasn't responsible. So maybe he had a good game too. Or maybe he didn't. Nothing here informs either way.

The NFC, just like the Redskins against Buffalo, honored Sean Taylor in a unique manner to open the game:

To honor the late Sean Taylor, the Redskins safety who was shot to death in November by intruders in his Miami home, the NFC lined up against Peyton Manning and the AFC with just one safety, Darren Sharper of the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas' Ken Hamlin returned to the field after Manning completed a 4-yard pass to his Indianapolis Colts teammate, running back Joseph Addai, in the right flat.
I appreciate the sentimentality of the gesture and it impressed upon me that though these crazy sumbitches may try to kill each other once a week on the field, there's a healthy dose of unity among the players such that they'd go to these lengths to honor Taylor who, for most of them, wasn't even a teammate. Also credit is due the league for permitting Cooley, Samuels, and Albright to honor their fallen comrade with #21 jerseys. I am just thankful that the entire tragedy was handled as well as could be expected by the league. And that's all I have to say about that.

And because no post for the immediate future can be made without some reference to Jim Zorn, here was this at the bottom of same article:

Albright on Jim Zorn, his new coach in Washington: "I know I'm dating myself by saying this, but I have one of his cards in my football card collection."
You're also dating Zorn, lest there be anyone out there who thinks we went with a young guy.