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Jason Campbell is the quarterback of the future (presently)

A favorite Hogs Haven reader and frequent email exchanger with yours truly pointed out that although we've heard a lot on Jim Zorn from a few players and the owner and coaches and the media etc. we haven't heard much about him from Jason Campbell and, since he's our starting quarterback, it might be important to solicit quotations from Jason on his newest offensive coordinator now gone head coach. Likewise it's worth noting how the newest offensive coordinator now gone head coach feels about his starting quarterback. (He is the starting quarterback, yes?) Per Covering The Redskins, emphasis mine:

Zorn said he will hire a new offensive coordinator to replace himself and he is unsure who will call plays until that person is chosen.. It is unclear if there will be a quarterback coach hired as well (his specialty).
The offense will be a west coast style, but Zorn wouldn't go so far as to say that he is going to implement what has become a standard west coast formation.. His eyes lit up at the idea of having Clinton Portis as his back and asked about Jason Campbell and whether he believes he is definitively the quarterback of the future, Zorn succintly said, "for now." He reiterated what Joe Gibbs said at the end of the season, that Todd Collins being resigned is a priority for the Skins come free agency..
Not the kind of quote that Jason Campbell is likely to post on his refrigerator as assurance that the job is his for the entirety of the '08 season, huh? Coach, am I the quarterback of the future? No, you're merely the quarterback. For now.

As Covering the Redskins points out later and has been noted by Redskins Insider, Zorn's comments on JC thus far have been limited to criticism. Recall:

"The thing I didn't like is the way he has had to squat when he's under center. We've got to get the center to tweak his rear end up a little bit. Part of being a quarterback is being ... explosive off the line of scrimmage. When I was watching him, I wondered how he could be explosive off the line of scrimmage."
I say that as if it is the universe of comments by Zorn on Campbell when in fact it is not the case. I just haven't seen much else and I encourage reader(s) to track down whatever bits of info Coach has on The 'Stache. So far, no good in my opinion. I'll reiterate that Todd Collins is not the qb of the future at any point in the future nor is he quarterback of the future in the present. I'm not trying to be a TC hater here, I just think the gentleman is of an age where his future increasingly is in question and I believe he benefited largely from a Saunders system he knows as well as anyone in the league. Is he an awesome backup? Hell yea he is. But if Jason Campbell isn't the future of the franchise for much more than "for now" we need to go in a new direction and find that person, whomever that may be. (I think he is the quarterback of the future.)