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I don't care what Fassel says, Jim Zorn looks ok to me

The Bog is going overtime bringing you sweet Jim Zorn related minutiae by the minute. I can't simply steal all Dan's posts. Or can I? First, he's got Jim Fassel being a prick (but he's right!) so sayeth CBS Sportsline. Emphasis is all mine, though it probably helps to read the bolded portions imagining Jim Fassel spitting while saying them, or scouling heavily, or swaying erratically whilst clutching a tiki doll so ferociously his nails begin to crack:

"I wasn't looking for just anything," Fassel, head coach of the Giants from 1997-2003, said Saturday night. "I was looking for the right fit, and I thought this was the right fit because I knew Dan (owner Dan Snyder). It's a long, twisted story."...

It is unclear what happened, though Fassel thinks he has an idea. He believes there were "forces" working behind the scenes -- with Fassel singling out Redskins vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato -- that began to promote Zorn at his expense.

Is that sinister or what? In any event, I'm going to add cock-blocking Jim Fassel for the head coaching job to the Illuminati's wikipedia page. It's pretty clear who was responsible.
"Dan wanted to make a big splash, and I think he was worried about the Baltimore thing. He worried about the public relations (fallout), and he didn't know which way to go.

"I heard someone say there are no more George Youngs or Jim Finks in this league, people who really know the game. And I think that happened here. I don't think Dan surrounded himself with enough football people."...

"If the Giants had lost to Dallas (in the playoffs)," he said, "I think this would've been over a week ago, and I would've been the head coach."...

 "There was something going on behind the scenes, there's no question about it," Fassel said. "I thought things were falling my way, then, suddenly, this happens. It's strange."

It's a lot more than that [says Clark Judge, clearly sane].

Fuckin' Illuminati, man, fixing the Cowboys game and then promoting Vinny Cerrato from within. Jim Zorn is totally in your head, as this video (also from the bog!) serves to demonstrate just how sinister a guy he really is. And now, Your Washington Redskins head coach: