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The new Head Coach is... Jim Zorn????

Say what???

And this is how you swoop in and take the job away from everyone else... (Image from here.)

A few weeks ago, when Jim Zorn signed on as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach, I think a lot of fans were happy with the hire.  Yes, it meant that JC was headed into his 7th offensive system in 8 years (or 8th in 9, I've lost count) but Zorn has been said to have helped develop QBs, so it was accepted as a change for the better.

I, as well as some other Skins fans/bloggers, wanted Al Saunders to have more time to develop this team and let his offensive system marinate.  He, and JC, were making strides.  Todd freaking Collins looked like a damn All Pro in the system toward the end of the season, not to mention the way that Warner/Bulger and Trent Green looked in previous encarnations of the offense, so we all knew it could work.

But that system is gone, as is Al, and new Head Coach Jim Zorn has his hands full.  I thought his hire would be good because he could make the transition from QB coach to offensive coordinator, while still working with JC, with an experienced NFL guy (Fassel, Mooch) calling the shots.  But now, not only does he have to learn how to run and offense, he has to learn how to run an entire fucking organization.  Big jump for a guy who had little responsibility beyond Matt Hasselbeck more than a month ago.

And that is why I don't like the hire: a guy who was brought in to coach/fix the QB position now has much bigger fish to fry.  Namely, finding an offensive coordinator he can work with while trying to manage the rest of the team.  And maybe he is the next big thing.  And maybe he will work out.  But right now, I don't know enough about the guy to like and/or hate the hire.  Except the fact that I like that it wasn't Jim Fassel.

I mean what the fuck happened?  Is Jim fucking Zorn so important that GW couldn't run the damn defense?  I mean, not matter how things work out, I cannot see a way for anyone to look back on this whole "hiring" charade and measure it a success.  A 9-7 team lost: the VP of football operations, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator (who had nearly complete autonomy), the QB coach (Lazor took over for Zorn in Seattle), numerous other assistants... and all they have to show for it is Jim fucking Zorn?  He might turn out to be the most amazing coach since... well, ever.  But for now, he is the guy who ended up replacing a legend (Gibbs) while having little experience around him moving forward.  I hope Dan knows what he was doing and this wasn't just a hire out of a lack of options.  Because that would really, REALLY suck.

Can you imagine Zorn trying to learn how to: a) call plays, b) be a Head Coach and c) deal with all the other responsibilities that come with the Washington job all at once?  It has been a hell of a time for everyone not named Gibbs since Dan Dan the Firing Man took over control of the team.  I would have much preferred the team took a page out of the Dallas playbook and hired an experienced head coach (a la Phillips) to groom the young OC (Zorn) until said OC is ready to assume controls of the team.  Where I come from, there's an old saying: "you've gotta crawl before you can walk."

But the official announcement is expected tomorrow afternoon.  And I ask you, loyal Redskins's fans... what the fuck is going on here?  Do you like the hire?  Do you hate it?  Are you so numb to the pain thta you are indifferent?