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Redonkeylegsly early Super Bowl Open Thread

Real life plans interfere with my blogging starting... now. I have buku to do until ~ Mondayish and not enough time to do it in this weekend. Planning ahead, I will probably not have time to post a Super Bowl open thread on Sunday, though hopefully one of the site's other hosts will put up a more robust one in the meantime.

What I want to hear from all seven of you is: 1) What are your Super Bowl plans? 2) What will you be eating? 3) What won't you be drinking? 4) Who are you rooting for? 5) Who have you picked to win? Etc.

This game was all but meaningless for me except for the fact that a division rival was in the mix. However, now that Patriots O-Coordinator Josh McDaniels and Giants D-Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo have been mentioned as possible head coaching candidates -- especially the latter, as word continues to diminish on the likelihood that McDaniels will either get interviewed or join the staff even if -- consider the game a case being made for either of them. Should the Giants come out and shut down the Patriots, interest in Spag! will reach epic level for Dan Snyder, who loves a nice shiny thing as much as the next guy.

Have a good, safe weekend and enjoy your Super Bowl. Cheers, HTTR.