CincyJungle: Here to answer any questions

Hey fellas, Josh from CincyJungle (Bengals blog) here. If you want a quick description of the Bengals, well, they stink. Our offense is terrible -- worst in the league -- and our defense, while at times solid, tends to breakdown late in games because our offense takes less than a minute to conduct their customary three-and-out.

We've had relative success against NFC East teams

1) We took the Giants into overtime, losing 26-23. We also had Palmer.
2) We were down by one point against the Cowboys into the fourth quarter; ended up losing by nine points. We also had Palmer.
3) We forced the Eagles to tie, and momentarily sending Eagles fans into a chaotic mess, even forcing McNabb to fumble his knowledge of overtime rules.

Through and through, we're still fans though. Idiots, no doubt. But fanatical idiots. If you guys have any questions about this weekend's match-up, ask. I'll answer everything the best I can.