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What is there to say?

There's nothing really to say. It was obvious we got crushed on both sides of the line of scrimmage. We cannot pressure any QB. It has to stop. Draft somebody...anybody. All "top" DEs we break the bank on suck. Bruce Smith, Andre Carter, Jason Taylor. Honestly, save the $66 million and put my 140 pound ass out there. Can't get worse. On one passing play I could have swore I saw Tony Romo re-tape his finger while waiting for the WRs to reach their spots. In our previous mid-season posting, I had wrote the Skins were going to lose this game, which the other editor removed (being a Skins fan). Of course it's miserable predicting we'll lose at home to DAL, but we have too many weaknesses. In addition, as my other friend noted, "The Redskins never win big games." Here here. After last night it was crystal clear this team is not at all Super Bowl ready. Hopefully we can trade more draft picks for another "quality" DE.