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RIP - Sean Taylor

It's one year to the day that Sean was shot. I have been dreading these 2 days for a long time now. It's amazing that my grand-
parents that I cherish more than anything, I cannot remember
the day they passed, yet Sean's passing is as fresh as ever. It
was defintely a JFK moment for me. I was at my desk in Sydney,
Australia when I popped open my laptop and my gmail new mail
window popped open from my friend Paul stating "So Sean Taylor kicked it." My heart sunk. At Skins games I only watched 21...
never the opposing QB. Wherever the play ended Sean was there.
Here's an excellent tribute of his plays. I especially love the licks
on TO, Jermaine Wiggins, and of course the infamous pro-bowl hit
on Moorman. RIP Sean.

>>> The Washington Post has a great photo gallery montage of