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Entering the BYE Week

Entering the BYE week my liver is doing not well. The MNF game absolutely crushed it and after getting bombed in Jacksonville all weekend for the FLA/GA game and getting bombed last night at the Art Monk Charity party....I can say this Bye week is much needed.

Some notes from the Art Monk party last night:

- Doc Walker gave a funny Intro speech before handing the mic off to Art. He mentioned that the "Fun Bunch" had a prior nickname called the "Fun and Naked bunch". I didn't know a black man could blush but Art did and he immediately laughed he was no part of that.

- Gary Clark gave a fantastic intro as well saying coming in as the rookie, "I learned all my moves from Art....and made them better." ha.

- Art thanked the fans as expected and cited 2 times in his career he dropped wide open passes (ala Carlos Rogers style) and the fans still cheered him on.

- The buffet line was quite long and I saw Ken Harvey cut it right in front of me. I immediately said "Excuse me!?! Who do you think are?!" in a pissed off voice. He looked at me stunned and I started laughing which he joined in with and said "OK, I'll go to the back of the line if you can tackle me." Lets just say Harvey won't be cutting anymore lines and I won't be allowed to any more parties.

haha. I didn't tackle him....thankfully for me it was still the pre-shots part of the night.