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Eddie Jordan Canned

So it's definitely bitter-sweet news hearing Eddie was fired. It's hard to imagine a 1st place Eastern Conference coach can get fired a year later, but so it goes in the NBA. Rick Carlisle got fired and he took his team to the conference finals.

As for the Wizards, it's been a BRUTAL 2 weeks. We're the laughing stock of the NBA (again) and there's simply no way we can continue the year like this. I don't think anyone blames Eddie, but change has to be made. The Gilbert situation is absolutely crushing the Wiz and it's obvious that, along with the Brenda injury, it is too much for any coach to handle. Phil Jackson couldn't even get us out of the gutter. We're the STL Rams of the NBA. It's ineveitable that Antawn Jamison is next to go to get back some cap room. With his prime years all but over, we might as well let him go and get back some value in return. I just pray we can throw DeShawn in the deal and get him out of here too. If I see any of our rookies partying with DeShawn off the court I for sure will be busting through some red rope VIP areas.