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What a bad game

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I would add punctuation but what's the point? The badness of the field result was beyond question mark. My quick, no sleep necessary on this one thoughts:

  • Don't blame the defense. We lost the field fight by 3 yards by only allowing 224 (though only gaining 221). If you give up 3.7 yards per offensive play you probably should not manage to lose by three possessions.
  • That is, unless, you only accomplish 3.4 yards per play. This was the worst the offense has looked, although perhaps I'm too many weeks removed from the debacle at the Meadowlands to appreciate what we didn't do against the Giants.
  • 3 of 15 on third down tells the entire story. I cannot imagine winning those types of games.
  • Why am I listening to cheers when the Steelers score and boos when the Redskins do something well? I think there were more Pittsburgh fans in the stands than there were Redskins fans, or else the bad guys were just louder. I couldn't count the terrible towels.
  • We scored our last points with over eleven minutes left in the first quarter. Some of that can be explained by late game gambles in the redzone, but that explanation requires admitting that we can't score when we need to do so with the game on the line.
  • Seven times Jason Campbell was sacked. The offensive line had its worst game of the season and we had no answer for edge rushers. I counted about four instances where they had players leaving the line of scrimmage untouched straight for Jason Campbell. Steve Spurrier nods his head with approval.
  • How long will the national nightmare this is Antwaan Randle El returning punts continue? He simply isn't good at it. When your head starts bleeding is about the time you stop banging it against the wall.
  • Just so amazingly pissed off.

Good night.