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Remembering Sean Taylor

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One year ago today Sean Taylor was shot during a robbery in his home in Florida. He died the next day, which means his family will be holding their first Thanksgiving without Taylor on the first anniversary of his death.

There will be tributes all around the web about this, including this one from the NY Times

Taylor's name will be added to the Redskins' "Ring of Fame" at Fedex on Sunday before the game against the GIants. Per the Times article:


Knowing this would be an emotional week — the Giants game would have been important under any circumstances — the Redskins’ first-year coach, Jim Zorn, brought up the sunject of Sean Taylor's death before reporters started asking about it.

“I just wanted to make sure that these guys knew that he was the kind of player that these guys wanted to practice like and play like,” Zorn said. “And that’s part of the memory that we need to keep alive here on this football team, just the kind of player he was.”



It's still kind of jarring to think that he isn't with us. A tremendous loss for the team, for his family, for football fans everywhere. 

In other news, the Redskins released Shaun Alexander yesterday, presumably because of the improved health of Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts.

UPDATE: Hat tip to HH regular dr WNC, who posted the Alexander release below with the news that we may be re-signing DT Ryan Boschetti.