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Terrell Owens and DeAngelo Hall should be friends

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Afterall, they have so much in common. They share spit, they talk:

After Terrell Owens spit in DeAngelo Hall's face in Saturday night's game, Hall insisted he'd have nothing to do with the Dallas receiver.

Owens, who was fined $35,000 by the NFL, kept trying to contact Hall, the Falcons' star cornerback. Former Atlanta and Dallas player Deion Sanders finally convinced Hall to take a three-way telephone call on Monday.

"We had a pretty good conversation," Hall said Wednesday. "As far as I'm concerned, it's over. We got it all out, cleared it all out. It's over."

They both face new depth chart challenges. In DeAngelo Hall's case, he joins a Redskins roster already set at CB and looks to be something like our 4th string guy (Leigh Torrence was cut to make room) behind Shawn Springs, Carlos Rogers, and Fred Smoot. Alternatively he could be 3rd CB if Springs is moved over to safety, a possibility voiced here. Terrell Owens probably isn't the #2 wide receiver just yet, but with Roy Williams about he's no longer the perpetually unquestioned alpha male of the Cowboys receiving unit.

And they're both having bad years. Hall was recently cut by the Raiders from a 7 year something like 70 million dollar contract to sign with Your Washington Redskins for a one year deal worth, ostensibly, much less cash. DeAngelo fell out of favor in Oakland in part because of his allegedly bad attitude, and in part because he flat out isn't playing very well:

"At the rate he's playing, I'm looking forward to a big day," Owens told the Associated Press at his book signing today in New York. "I'm no stranger to playing against him. I've had success against him just as much as everybody else has, so if he's out there, I'm looking forward to playing him."

T.O. speaks the truth. Hall, who was extremely overrated in Atlanta, has been horrible this season. Per Stats Inc., he gave up more yards (556 on 40-of-66 passing) than any other cornerback in the league during his brief stint as a Raider.

T.O. is apparently looking forward to playing against a corner that probably wouldn't be lined up against him anyways, as he's buried now much deeper on our depth chart than he would've been on the Raiders. As TORB points out:

This seems like an awfully roundabout way of saying “I hope the new guy is covering me, because the two guys they had on me last time really shut me down[.]”

And maybe that would be best for Owens, as he isn't having the best season of his career. While he's pretty square so far on touchdowns, with six in nine games, his yards are much lower than he's used to as are his yards per reception. If he maintains his 13.3 YPC throughout the rest of the year, that will end up being the third worst season of his career. He's averaging around 52 yards per game, which would be the lowest total of his career since his rookie year in 1996.

Football Outsiders is even meaner. They think he's just about the worst receiver in DYAR (only nine players with 30 or more passes are below him) with a miserable catch percentage of 48%. He has yet to gain 100 yards receiving this season.

And, finally, they'll be on the same field (though probably not often lining up against one another) this coming Sunday at FedEx Field. Given how the year is going for T.O., and his relatively (to his career, I mean, his 7 for 71 yards and a touchdown was probably one of the best games of this season) bad performance against us the last time around, in his house, I think Owens probably missed a perfect opportunity to shut up.

But we will see.