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Portis doubtful for Sunday vs. Dallas

per La Confora's column after practice today:

Clinton Portis is questionable at this point and his chances of facing Dallas on Sunday are "50-50," Coach Jim Zorn said after practice today. Portis has a knee sprain that has worsened since the team last played Nov. 3.

Zorn remains optimistic that Portis will play, but conceded that "it would be a major issue for all of us," if he cannot. Zorn said that second-string back Ladell Betts may be back from his knee injury for Sunday's game, but that he is not "expecting" that result.

"50-50" is perhaps better than the "doubtful" of my headline; yet I say "doubtful" for two reasons. One is, coaches tend to put a more positive shine on situations than they actually are because it's better for morale. The other is that the knee has actually worsened over the past week. If it's trending the wrong way, it has to turn around and trend the right way in the next 6 days. Ugh.

With Betts also likely inactive, we are potentially looking at Cartwright and Alexander doing all the RB work, which I imagine would mean a gameplan involving more of Cooley and lots of slants to Moss, who is expected to play, In the good news department, both Springs and Taylor are also expected back.