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Fire up the Bandwagon!

So another huge win on the road. Almost everyone on the team (Reed Doughty excluded) contributed to yesterday's win. Suisham (aka Shizaam) was spot-on, the solid D, and no turnovers on offense. It's getting to the point where we're getting really nitpicky to find things that went wrong. Certainly Randle El's 3 dropped passes and Devin Thomas' continual bad penalties standout...but even still those aren't much. The way the coaches make adjustments and how the players respond is what really is great to see. On that gutsy 4th and 1 call with 2 minutes left, Portis went up to Zorn and said "Give me the ball". Talk about great players. And here's your Dan Snyder victory moment from yesteday:

YEAH! Four and one!! In Philly!! In Dallas!! YEAH! YEAH Redskins!