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Clinton Portis as MVP talk has begun

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This bandwagon is getting crowded and will only get moreso if and as we continue to just win, mang. With at hat tipped to Extreme Skins, you can find a representative sampling of the team-love major media is heaping on the 'Skins at DC Pro Sports Report. For instance:

I'll tell you why the NFC East should be wary of Washington, and it's not because the Redskins still haven't committed a turnover on offense. Nope, it's because they just completed their first-half run of the division, with every game on the road. Meaning? Meaning their next three NFC East games will be at Washington.

Or something. It gets bigger, though, at Pro Football Weekly, which calls Clinton Portis MVP material:

Portis has contributed to every win so far, and several things he does such as catch the ball, take pressure off of Campbell and pass-protect extremely well, go unnoticed. But he also is front and center when he runs the ball, and he jammed it down the throats of an Eagles defense that hadn’t allowed a single team to rush for more than 78 yards against it all season prior to Sunday. Campbell deserves a lot of the praise, but Portis — with help from that line — has been the 4-1 Redskins’ MVP to this point.

The only disagreement I have with this is simply that there has been such a remarkable team effort getting us to 4-1 that maybe it isn't so clear who the MVP of this team is. Nothing can be taken away from Jason Campbell thus far this season, as he, remarkably, has yet to turn the ball over. And as good as Portis is playing, much love needs to be smattered on the offensive line and Mike Sellers, among others, for opening up some huge holes. Santana Moss was quiet against Philly, but he's having a big, big season.

But what about the defense? Has anyone surprised more than Chris Horton? Is London Fletcher made of human parts or was he constructed in a labratory?

No, it is Clinton Portis, but not because he's been running wild on some of the best rush defenses in the league. Rather Clinton Portis would be my MVP because he throws himself around like a lunatic in a straight jacket, with would-be pass rushers playing the role of the poor padded walls of his cell. And he seems so damned pleased and determined with his bull-headed willingness to use his body as a weapon that you start to believe, insane as the madman you're watching perhaps, that he might actually beat the wall in a fight. And then it does (NSFW music):

Recklessness is endearing.