beast of the East


Hey Guys.  I'm a Cowboys fan from over at BTB, but thought this post I just made would be interesting to you all as well.

Ok, this has already been discussed a bit, but with the resurgent 'Skins looking like a force, it is time to ask whether or not the NFC East of '08 is the best division in the history of football.  I'm going to make the case FOR.  I don't have time to look through all the years to see if I'm wrong, plus, I'm young and can't remember a lot.

At this point in the season the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins, in my opinion, look like they could beat anybody, including each other.  I think on any Sunday a matchup between any of these teams is a coin flip, and also that against any other team...and I mean ANY other team, the NFC east team is going to be favored to win.

A quick look at the stats shows that when ranking NFL teams by game stats, the Philidelphia Eagles are # 9, with all other NFC east teams being above them.  One division, four teams, all in the top 9 in overall stats?  That's incredible.

In scoring, we have three teams in the top 7, with the Redkins back a bit in #17. but Still, three of the best seven teams are in the NFC east in scoring.

Ditto in passing.  Cowboys, Eagles, Giants are 4,5,6,, with the skins back toward the middle of the pack.  But the Skins are just now coming into their own.

Again with Rushing, three teams in the top 9, with the Eagles way toward the back of the class in this one.

Total Yards on Defense shows the Giants and Eagles at 3 and 6, with our Boys and the Skins in the middle of the pack.  Pretty respectable.

Eagles, Giants, Cowboys are in the top six for Sacks.

All four teams are in the top ten in defending the run.

And finally, look at our records.

DAL: 4-1  - Loss to the Skins

WAS: 4-1 - Loss to the Giants

PHI: 2-3 - Losses to Cowboys, Skins, and a tough Bears team

NYG: 5-0


So, outside of the NFC East, these teams are 10-1

Who knows how they will finish out, but the way they are playing right now I would put them as the best division ever.  I mean...damn.