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Blogger Deathsport and other randomness

This weekend's game is huge for the Skins and NFC East. With both other NFC East teams having games the should win (Dallas at home to Cincy, the Giants hosting Seattle) a loss could put Philly in a pretty big hole to start the year. Whether or not Westbrook plays (and plays effectively) will determine how well the Eagles play.

All that being said, this is also an important game for the Skins. Despite the fact that Springs and Taylor are most likely out, the team that has been showing up of late should be able to pull out a win against a banged up Eagles offense. From there, the Skins have 3 extremely winable games (home for St. Louis and Cleveland, then at Detroit.) A 6-2 (7-1 would be too optimistic) record at the end of this stretch could help the Skins post-season chances before some much tougher games (Hosting Pittsburgh, the bye week and then home for Dallas, at Seattle and home for New York.) The road is only going to get much tougher, so the Skins need to win all the games they should (especially outside the division) if they have any shot at the playoffs.

Anyway, that's about all I got. Here's a link for the most recent injury news. ([Note by TexSkins, 10/03/08 4:40 PM CDT ] Here's the more recent than that recent news.) Everyone seems sold on Westbrook playing. I'm not so sure... and I have to make a decision as to play him or not in fantasy. Damn ankles are so hard to predict.

Now for the good stuff. Blogger Deathsport picks, lines (as always) courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:


BUF @ ARZ (-1)

KC @ CAR (-9.5)

CHI (-3.5) @ DET

CIN @ DAL (off the board = straight up even)

TB @ DEN (-3)

ATL @ GB (off the board = straight up even)

IND (-3) @ HOU

PIT @ JAX (-4)

NE (-3) @ SF

SEA @ NYG (-7)

WAS @ PHI (-5.5)

SD (-6.5) @ MIA

TEN (-3) @ BAL


MIN @ NO (-3)

Score: 28-24, home team. No 2 point conversions.