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Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions Gameday Open Thread

Kickoff is 1:00PM Eastern though unless you live in tiny pockets of Virginia or Michigan (though not Detroit, insanely) you'll need to find your way to a sports bar to catch the game. Which is where I'm off in short order. I wish you better luck, here are the NFL Distribution Maps for this week.

After the St. Louis game, and even after last week's close contest against the Browns, there's really no such thing as a gimme game. In spite of how bad the Lions have been thus far, this is not a game we can assume to victory. The Redskins have largely played up and down to their competition, which is great when you're on the road at Dallas or Philly, but not so hot when you're at home against the Rams (who might be a much better team under new coaching).

The betting public is on to us. The game opened with us as 9 point favorites but has since moved to around 7.5. I still see books listing the game at -9, so you might want to get in front of that trend ASAP. I have a policy of never betting against the Redskins, so... degenerative gambling will not fail me today.

New Hogs Haven contributor skinsider has an excellent game preview here, and Curly R should be banging around with his gameday open thread at Curly R. I wish I was going to be around to tend to this open thread, but as mentioned, nobody wants to watch our game besides us. Thanks, Lions.

We've played the Lions 36 times in the regular season amassing a 26-10 record against them on 770 points against their 555. Let's extend that.

I'm going to miss kickoff and good crowded bar seating (Austin is not a good town for sports bars, by the way, which is insane. How difficult is it to have good sports bars? How can a place call itself a place if it doesn't have an abundance of good sports bars? I'm angry about it.) if I don't drag out of here, so I apologize for the short gameday thread. Hopefully someone with satellite will be about to tend to this thing in my absence.

Beat Detroit.


QUESTION: I think Barry Sanders is the best running back in NFL history. Anyone want to disagree with me?

Here is a video of a snake-oil salesman telling you to take the over (41). Hmmm...