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Redskins @ Lions: 5 Questions

Resident Lions blogger Sean Yuille over at Pride of Detroit took the time out to answer some questions heading into this weekend's game. be sure to check out my answers to his questions over there. Unlike his Lions, he runs a tight ship.

[Note by TexSkins, 10/24/08 4:09 PM CDT ] You can find my answers here.

1. Matt Millen made an early exit this season. What are the chances that Marinelli doesn't make it to the end of the season and should he be allowed to finish out the year?

A lot of people think Marinelli should and will be fired in the near future, but I really don't see it that way. The coaching staff is so bad that no one could really take over as the interim coach. I know that sounds pathetic, but it is the sad truth. If Marinelli were fired, it couldn't make things any worse, but at the same time, it wouldn't make things any better. Given that, I think he will have his job until the end of the season and will be fired shortly after that.

2. Calvin Johnson's on my fantasy team, so I know a little something something about him. As somebody who watches him every week, how wicked good is this guy?

Calvin Johnson is a beast. That's all you can really say about someone like him. He's got size, speed, and the ability to make some amazing catches. He does drop the ball more than he should, but he makes up for those mistakes by making plays. In the Lions' last game he had only 2 catches, but he still scored a touchdown and racked up 154 yards (mainly because of a 96-yard TD). If Johnson can get the ball thrown accurately in his direction, he will make plays for sure.

3. Kitna is apparently out for the year and all I know about Dan Orlovsky is that he apparently doesn't see the back of the end zone as he runs past it. Does he have a chance to be a good NFL QB or is just keeping the seat warm for Kitna?

Orlovsky hasn't been all that bad in his first two starts, but he hasn't been good, either. He is someone that should be a backup and not a starter. That's why he only got his first start a couple weeks ago despite being in the league for 4 years. I expect him to be the starting QB for a few more weeks before Drew Stanton takes over. Unless Orlovsky can lead the Lions to a win, there will be too much pressure to play Stanton since the fans all want to get a look at him. Stanton is seen as the franchise's future starting QB, so it would be nice to find out if he is any good right now rather than next season.

As far as Kitna goes, I don't think he will ever play for the Lions again. His injury was not that serious, but the Lions put him on the injured reserve anyways. The Lions' thinking behind that move was to get rid of him for the time being but keep him on the team so he can be traded in the offseason. Kitna was obviously frustrated with the move but did understand why they did it. My guess is that he will be traded or cut during the next offseason.

4. The only thing I know about the Detroit defense is that Rogers and Bly aren't there any more. Who are some of the guys to keep an eye on heading into this weekend and into the future?

I would keep an eye on Dewayne White and Ernie Sims. White is a defensive end that seems to make a lot of plays. He is probably the best pass-rusher on the defensive line, so if anyone gets a sack for the Lions it will likely be White. Sims is a linebacker and is the best player on the defense. He flies around the field and always is in on plays. Sims' best attribute is his quickness, which allows him to follow the ball no matter where it goes.

5. I gotta do it. Sorry, but it'd be irresponsible question asking if I didn't. 0-16... really?

I have a feeling the Lions will screw up the ultimate imperfect season by getting a win eventually, but 0-16 could happen. This team still has far too many issues to work out before a win is even considered by the fans, so there is some talk that this group of players and coaches are mediocre enough to pull off a "defeated" season. However, like I said, I have a feeling they will be able to win at least one game.

BONUS: Blogger Deathsport picks. You know the drill.


ATL @ PHI (-9)

KC @ NYJ (-13)

STL @ NE (-7)

BUF (1.5) @ MIA

OAK @ BAL (-7)

WAS (-7.5) @ DET

ARZ @ CAR (-4.5)

SD (-3) @ NO

TB @ DAL (-1.5)

CIN @ HOU (-9.5)

CLE @ JAX (-7.5)

NYG @ PIT (-2.5)

SEA @ SF (-5)


IND @ TEN (off the board = straight up even) 24-21 home team prevails. No 2 pointers.

Where'd I go wrong this time? Expect SP's picks soon.