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A closer look at Jason Campbell

Via Doug Farrar and the excellent folks at Football Outsiders. Every week that goes by where Jason Campbell successfully throws zero picks will only draw more oooohs and aaaaahs from the football watching and obsessed world. Fourth highest rated passer in the league currently? Campbell. 6th DYAR 5th DVOA? Campbell. Huge.

Here Doug takes a look at Jason Campbell against Dallas on three particular plays, emphasizing what he is doing right both through the Xs and Os and the words of his teammate Santana Moss and Coach Jim Zorn. The three plays are quick slant to Antwaan Randle El to beat a blitz, long pass to Santana Moss 1, long pass to Santana Moss 2. Teaser on the 2nd play:

After DeMarcus Ware got busted for defensive offside on third-and-4 from the Dallas 45 (good to know they still call that in the NFL these days), Campbell made what may have been his most impressive play of the day. First-and-10 from the Dallas 36. Ware got past left tackle Chris Samuels and was on Campbell quickly. As Ware prepared to complete his pursuit with a chop to cause a fumble, Campbell coolly moved up in the pocket, kept his form, and threw the ball just over the outstretched arm of end Greg Ellis, who was coming in from the right side. Santana Moss was a good 10 yards past any Cowboys defender after beating Newman on a deep crossing route, and took the ball in easily before going out of bounds at the Dallas 8-yard line.

Third play comes with a great diagram and the like, which I will steal but no more, as you should go check out Football Outsiders for the rest:

Fig, 1: Moss' Double Move


Hat tip Curly R, there are a lot of great gametape breakdowns of the Redskins win over Dallas. Offense and Defense over at Hog Heaven complements Greg Trippiedi. More on Campbell at Post Game Heroes.