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Open Gameday Thread Cleveland Browns @ Redskins

House cleaning.

1) My apologies for not being around at the end of the week. I've been pretty busy this week, though am doing my best to increase the amount of content in this space by, perhaps, bringing in some new writers. They don't grow on trees.

2) Can this be a bounce-back week for the NFC East? The Cowboys are playing a Rams team we just lost to and we're playing a Browns team the Giants just got beat up on. Obviously I hope the rest of the NFC East does not bounce back as that complicates our chase for a division title, but it will be interesting to see how the almost mythically built-up NFC East responds. Big Blue View and I shared some thoughts on the NFC East via email this week. Him on us:

They looked awful against the Giants. Then they looked like Super Bowl material for four weeks after that, which included victories over Dallas and Philadelphia. Then, inexplicably, Washington lost AT HOME to previously winless St. Louis....

Personally, I think last week was an aberration for Washington. Right now this team scares me more than any other team in the division.

I sure hope he's right.

3) Good timing for the Browns, who face us while our...

Redskins are coming off their worst performance of the season against the St. Louis Rams. I know "flukes" happen, but if the Rams are able to take out the Redskins on the road, that should be some encouragement for us. Currently, the Redskins are favored by about seven points.

I thought the Giants game in week one wasn't nearly as close as the score. This isn't to quibble with the notion that last week was our worst of the season, it probably was, but there's at least room for interpreting what happened against the Giants as such. The reality is, if the Rams were half as bad as everyone was trying to pile on them (perhaps doubtful, now) then we aren't safe from anyone, anywhere.

4) This is hilarious, I love THE ONION:

The Cowboys originally sensed something was wrong when Womo threw three straight incomplete passes to begin the overtime after being sacked three times and knocked down 19 times during regulation by meanie-bullies who hate him. Their suspicions were confirmed when Womo blubbered to them on the sidelines while holding up his hurted fingey.

Womo was immediately given an orange-flavored St. Joseph aspirin and a wowwypop while a SpongeBob SquarePants Band-Aid was applied to the pinkie. When this proved inadequate, Cowboys head pediatrician Daniel "Doctor Danny" Cooper inspected Womo's pinkie while trainers distracted Womo by making a spoon into an airplane and "flying" chocolate ice cream into the quarterback's mouth.

"This was more than just the normal boo-boo," Cooper told reporters.

5) Yah so what have you done for the Redskins lately will resume this week.

6) Injury report:

Chris Horton Questionable Ankle
Clinton Portis Questionable Hip
Fred Smoot Questionable Groin
Jason Taylor Questionable Calf

Shawn Springs is doubtful.

7) Click here to see if you get to watch the game at home. I do not.

8) Ben at Curly R should have an open thread up if this one isn't loud. Again, I won't be around to comment on the game, as I do not get to watch the game at home.

9) The Chronic is/was a good album. Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, and I all listened to this album... when we were kids. Awesome. Ditto Santana Moss, though he's a bit older. Since most of my NFL watching life experiences came before I was 22 years old, it's kind of strange to now watch players who are, by volume and effect, younger than I am. I'm not used to it, yet.

10) Braylon Edwards wants you to know how he feels about the Redskins.

This is your gameday open thread, let me know if I missed anything in the comments. If you guys keep this thing active, I'll reward you with something like this, which I think I can figure out. Apparently we can now take Open Thread comment "stats".

Anyways, HTTR.