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Michael Green is the 53rd man on the Redskins roster

Seconds ago I posted that Reed Doughty was placed on IR and Justin Hamilton was cut. We were down to a 51 man roster, made to 52 by Shaun Alexander and finally to 53 by, hat tipped to TORB:

The new Redskin is S Michael Green.

Who he calls:

a guy who suffered a bunch of injuries — an achilles, a knee — and has been rehabbing them. Although he too has a Seattle connection, Coach Zorn says that “this is Greg [Blache]’s safety that he’s had for years.”

I wish I knew more about him, but Green has been long enough from the game of Football to be counted among "Historical Players" in the NFL Database. He's had some good years including 100+ tackles seasons in 2002 and 2004. And he's had some bad ones, including the last two he played in 2006 and 2007 when he recorded just one start. As TORB pointed out previously, Green was the most irrelevant person drafted in 2000, by the Bears. His last two prosaic seasons happened to be in Seattle, though as is stated above the connection is more Blache from Chicago than it is Zorn from Seattle.

The ra ra ra go 'Skins news from this is that we scooped a veteran safety who understands our defensive scheme and philosophy and can help the three remaining iron man/young men who managed to avoid triage. Welcome, Mr. Green.