Cerrato: There will be a new punter

Looks like the FO has had enough of the youngster's 32.1 Avg. Net Yds per punt.  He hasn't been cut yet, but according to RI, Vinny used his radio show this morning to announce to the world that "Somebody else will be punting Sunday".  

Think Brooks was listening?  That would suck...


So after 6 weeks, our 6th round pick (168th overall) appears to be a bust.  Is Durant Brooks the devil?

Looking over this list of free agent punters, there's only one name that stands out to me. 

Ryan Plackemeier (2006 7th Round Pick, 239th overall) and his career 42.3 y/p was cut by Seattle on September 9th.  He suffered a torn pectoral muscle while lifting weights over the summer (punters lift weights?) and had surgery back in June.  He reportedly showed up to Seahawks camp "rusty" in August, punted in their first regular season game, and was then cut and replaced by Jon Ryan (who was cut and replaced in Green Bay by Derrick Frost.  Weird huh?).

He most recently worked out for Minnesota on Thursday, but that was probably a move by Childress to light a fire under his 6yr/$8 million punter's ass.  

So does Vinny complete the Frost/Ryan/Plackemeier triangle and reunite Zorny with his former punter?  Is Durant Brooks really the devil?  Discuss.