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St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins Open Thread

We're sitting solid at 4-1 and face what many people consider to be the worst team in football. By many people I mean around half of the SB Nation NFL Bloggers that participated in the SB Nation Power Rankings this week, complements The Phinsider.

SB nation Power Rankings, it is an XL document.

Before your head explodes from the bogus ballot that has the Redskins ranked 13th, so stupid, I already fought that battle for you. It's just a wack ballot, I can't be blamed.

One of the bad things about playing St. Louis is that apparently means no one wants to watch, which is false as far as I'm concerned. See this week's distribution map which has Redskins and St. Louis on only in the D.C. and St. Louis area. My hood, Texas, will not get the game, which means I'll be at a sports bar.

What the Redskins need to do to win this game is not crap the bed. I think Coach Zorn's mantra of staying medium will get tested most during these types of games, as we're allegedly talented enough to be favored by two touchdowns. These are games that are lost mentally, which I suppose is a good thing, since it will reveal more about the character of the team than you'd typically expect an 0-4 opponent would.

HTTR, let's go punch them in the mouth.